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Hånd- /armvibrasjoner

Course information

Target group:

This course is aimed at all onshore and offshore personnel that use vibration-inducing Equipment.


Dette kurset tilbys kun på engelsk.

This course aims to increase learners’ awareness of the risks of hand-arm vibration and the effects that it can cause. The course also looks at the control measures that should be taken to reduce exposure to vibration, based on industry best practice.


- Describe hand-arm vibration and the effects it can cause
- Explain what Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is and how to identify its early symptoms
- Identify the types of jobs and equipment that are most likely to involve hand-arm vibration and expose workers to the risk of health effects
- Explain the duties of employers under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations
- Outline the measures that employees can take to reduce the risk of HAVS
- Outline the duties of equipment manufacturers and suppliers in reducing vibration risks
- Describe the process of assessing the vibration risk to employees in accordance with the Exposure Action Value (EAV) and Exposure Limit Value (ELV)
- Describe the control measures that should be taken to reduce exposure to vibration
- Explain the importance of monitoring exposure to vibration, and health surveillance
- Explain the importance of information and training in reducing the risks to health from vibration


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