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Refresher Course for Slingers

Course information

Target group:

All categories of crane operators who have completed a basic slinger course.


All usage, storage, and inspections of lifting equipment shall be in accordance with the producer’s instructions and requirements stipulated in the NORSOK R-003 standard.  Lifting equipment shall be used only by personnel who have and can document competence in lifting operations.


This course provides a basic review and update of knowledge of lifting equipment in accordance with applicable standards.

The course requires completed modules 0-1.1 in the basic slinger course, fall safety, and simple lifting equipment modules 0-2.2.  In addition, practical experience slinging loads is required.


This course gives an introduction to the new version of R-003 which was launched in 2017.

The course contains references to the 2004 version of R-003, but the course in its entirety will be updated when the new version of R-003 is launched with an updated Appendix B.


Course Content

-General information about lifting and lifting equipment
-Information about marking and tagging, material properties, correct usage and scrapping criteria for the following lifting equipment: fibre straps and big bags, chain slings, steel straps, shackles, eyebolts and eye nuts, lifting caps and turnbuckles, load bearers
-Using lifting equipment, fall safety and specific lifting equipment.


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