Oil and Gas
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Helsefarlige stoffer (CoSHH)

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Target group:

Kurset er rettet mot alt personell som jobber i olje og gass industrien.


This course provides learners with an awareness of the CoSHH regulations, and the control measures required to work with hazardous substances.

Course Content
- Explain the CoSHH regulations and their applicability to the Oil and Gas Industry
- Explain the legal obligations under CoSHH for both employees and employers, and explain the REACH regulations
- Explain the health effects of working with hazardous substances, and the various ways that these can enter the body
- Explain the use of Material Safety Data Sheets, Labels and Assessment within the CoSHH regulations
- Explain the common labeling system and identify the standard symbols
- Explain the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment
- Explain requirements for storage, handling and disposal of hazardous substances
- Define the control measures for handling hazardous substances and explain the control hierarchy
- Explain the process for dealing with hazardous substances in the event of a spill


Kurset er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.


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