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Innføring i brønnintegritet

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Target group:

Alt relevant personell.


Dette kurset tilbys kun på engelsk.

This course aims to provide learners with an introduction to well integrity and its importance for maintaining safe and secure operations.


Course Content

- Define ‘well integrity’ 

- Identify some of the key elements in a Well Integrity Management System (WIMS) 

- Explain the importance of having a Well Integrity Policy and Well Integrity Strategy 

- Give an overview of resources, roles and responsibilities 

- Define ‘well barriers’ 

- Give an overview of a typical well barrier philosophy 

- Identify well barrier envelopes 

- Identify primary and secondary well barrier envelopes - Explain why risk assessment is crucial to maintaining well integrity 

- Identify the minimum considerations that should be taken into account when carrying out a risk assessment 

- Identify potential well integrity considerations from outflow potential impacts 

- Identify external risks to well integrity 

- Give an overview of typical well integrity risk assessment techniques 

- Describe how to assess well integrity anomalies 

- Give an overview of well operating limits 

- Give an example of a recent incident caused by integrity failure


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