Oil and Gas
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Introduction to petroleum geology

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Target group:

All personnel working in offshore/land-based companies connected to the oil and gas industry. The course is of particular relevance for administrative and technical personnel in staff/support positions in all types of companies. It is beneficial for staff that may require a good knowledge of the workings of the oil industry, i.e. in public management, services and those who wish to have a basic understanding for future oil activity.


How oil and gas are formed and how we locate oil on the Norwegian continental shelf.
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to describe the formation of the earth and the internal and external forces that influence the earth, for example the formation of continents, mountain ranges, volcanoes, earthquakes and the different types of natural terrain: mountains, dales, beach surfaces and the sea bed. Participants will be able to recognize the most important minerals and rock types. In addition, they should be able to talk about the main geological features of the Norwegian shelf, and the methods we used to locate and determine the qualities of oil and gas fields.


Course Content

Determining location on the Norwegian shelf


General geology:

-The formation of the earth

-Processes that form the earth's crust


-Minerals and rock types (with emphasis on sedimentary rock types)

-Historical geology


Formation and accumulation of petroleum:

-What is oil?

-Where and how do we find oil?

What happens when oil is produced?


Methods of location: 

-Geophysical investigations


Magnetometry, Gravimetry, Seismology

-Geological investigations and drilling

 Investigations; Drilling, Sample taking; Drill hole logging


Concepts and what they mean:




-Liquid/gas division in reservoir

-Calculation of oil and gas content

-Fluid qualities

-Composition of petroleum

-Phase behaviour

-Which analyses can be used when, and how


The geographic oil composition of Norway:

-Field geology of the North Sea

 The Ekofisk area, Oseberg, Statfjord

-Geology of the Norwegian Sea

-Regional geology of the Barent's Sea


The course can also be arranged internally and can be tailor-made for individual companies.

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