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HSE for Managers - Norwegian version

Course information

Target group:

Managers responsible for personnel, in both the public and private sectors.


Since January  1st 2006 all employees shall, according to Arbeidsmiljølovens §3-5, complete training in HSE work. This means that all business leaders and managers with responsibility for personnel shall have knowledge of basic principles of systematic health, environment and safety work. This course covers the legal requirements for safety training for managers.

Your responsibility as an employer and manager:
It is documented positive relations between good working environment and profitable operations. After this course you will be better able to understand the safety significance of work for corporate and individual, and how you as a leader may work systematically to achieve good safety performance. The motivation for working with the HSE will be strengthened.

Course Content
The course is structured around the principles of continuous improvement:
1. Why should we work with the HSE? - Motivation
2. Where will we? - Structured Planning
3. How do we get there? - Perform
4. Do we know if we are on the right track? - Check
5. Do we change course? - Correct

You will also learn more about:
- Laws and regulations on safety
- Challenges in the health / environment, external environment and safety
- Various tools and instruments

The course can also be offered in combination with a classroom session. Contact us for a tailormade solution for your company.


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