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Safe Use of Offshore Cranes - English version

Course information

Target group:

Crane operators, crane supervisors and apprentices, slingers, riggers, and signallers. Other offshore professionals.


The NORSOK R-003 standard, Safe Use of Lifting Equipment is the industry standard for operating lifting equipment on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The course, “Safe Use of Offshore Cranes”, builds on NORSOK R-003 and is an important means for satisfying governmental regulations for maintaining and verifying competence in the safe use of lifting equipment.

The course focuses ongood work practices, as well as good attitudes and understanding of safety for crane operations, in accordance with the NORSOK R-003 standard.

This course gives an introduction to the new version of R-003 which was launched in 2017.

The course contains references to the 2004 version of R-003, but the course in its entirety will be updated when the new version of R-003 is launched with an updated Appendix B.

Course Content:
-Rolls and responsibilities
-Planning and supervising
-Supply vessels
-Load bearers
-Lifting to and from the rig floor
-Using guy wires
-Lifting drilling pipes and casings
-Assembly and disassembly lifts
-Lifting scaffolding material and planks
-Operating blind
-Personnel lifts


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