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Small Bore Tubing Systems (Brazilian Portuguese)

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This course aims to provide an overview of industry best practice for working on small bore tubing systems.


Course Content

Section 1: Introduction to Small Bore Tubing Systems
LO1 Describe the importance of small bore tubing systems
LO2 Explain the importance of hazard management
LO3 Identify the importance of ‘standardisation’

Section 2: Principles of Compression Fittings
LO4 Identify different types of compression fittings and explain their function
LO5 Describe the different components of fittings and the principles of compression fitting sealing
LO6 Explain the considerations to be taken into account when selecting fitting components
LO7 Explain the importance of deformation

Section 3: System Preparation
LO8 Describe the process for preparing compression joints
LO9 Explain the process of tube cutting and the considerations that should be taken into account
LO10 Explain how to secure the nut of a compression fitting
LO11 Explain when and where an inspection gauge should be used
LO12 Explain the use and selection of suitable thread sealant
LO13 Explain why leak and pressure testing must be carried out
LO14 Describe the different thread types that can be encountered
LO15 Outline the differences between parallel and tapered threads

Section 4: Identification of Tubing and Compression Systems
LO16 Explain the importance of not mixing types and brands of fittings

Section 5: Hazards
LO17 Identify the common problems and issues encountered in small bore tubing systems
LO18 Describe how tube bending is carried out
LO19 Identify the requirements for adequate straight length adjacent to the fitting
LO20 Identify what determines the number of fittings in a system
LO21 Describe the causes and effects of vibration
LO22 Identify the considerations involved where there are components frequently installed and removed in a system
LO23 Describe the procedures and practices that must be followed when reinstating a small bore tubing system back to its original condition

Section 6: Correct Selection and Assembly Techniques
LO24 Explain how to select the correct components
LO25 Describe the checks that should be made during an installation
LO26 Describe the best practice that must be followed for working with compression fittings and small bore tubing systems


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