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Basic Risk - and Vulnerability Analysis in Power Supply (Norwegian only)

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Target group:

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Emergency regulations require the implementation of Risk And Vulnerability analysis (RAV-analysis) for the power supply. RAV-analysis is part of risk management in all businesses.

In this course, we focus attention on how to carry out a particular type of risk and vulnerability – namely a structured rough analysis, in practice. The course is linked to the Emergency Regulations requirements and is based on guidance and case histories in the RAV-analysis for the power supply (NVE & Proactima 2010). All examples used in this course are adapted to the power supply.

Course Content:
• Introduction to risk management in power supply
• Risk and vulnerability assessment into the risk management work
• How risk and vulnerability analysis can be used as a basis for decision
• Legislation impact on risk and vulnerability analysis in power supply
• What is meant by risk
• What is ment by vulnerability
• Rough analysis - theory and practical implementation
• How to get started with a RAV-analysis
• How to conduct risk assessments
• How to conduct vulnerability assessments
• How to present results
• Action and follow-up
• Examples of risk and vulnerability analysis in power supply with the use of coarse analysis

Target group:
Target audience is decision makers, project managers, line managers and project staff, who want a basic understanding of RAV-analysis methodology.

Learning methods:
E-learning course. Ability to build on the course with one or two days of collection. Contact Energi Akademiet for open sessions in this course;


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