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Ex Basic - english version

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Target group:

Offshore Personnel


This course provides the candidate with a general understanding of the principles of explosion theory, and what measures we put in place to ensure safety. In this course we explain why gases are divided into classes, areas into zones and show you how equipment is designed and marked for use in specific conditions. All to ensure safety and reduce the potential for explosions in gaseous atmospheres.


- Fire and explosion theory
- Main organizations and regulations for Ex
- Area classification and Ex zoning
- General principles for type of protection and marking
- Applicable standards for Ex
- Proper design and positioning of Ex equipment
- Exd protection
- Exe protection
- Exp protection
- Exo, Exq and Exm protection
- Exn and Exs protection
- Exi protection
- Ex protection in real-life situations

Norwegian EX Basic course can be found by searching for the course code EXT-024.


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