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OPITO Competence Assessor Blended Learning Course - do not use

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Target group:

Individuals who are required to assess against in-house or OPITO standards ** It is not suitable for individuals required to assess against National Occupational Standards This Award is Appropriate For You if You: • Are technically competent in the area you will assess • Have access to two candidates with the same discipline • Are willing to carry out assessments and make assessment decisions • Are prepared to ask questions as required to clarify understanding of the standard(s) being assessed • Have the ability to judge whether the candidate’s performance/responses are acceptable and satisfy the requirements of the standard(s) being assessed • Have the ability to correctly complete the assessment paperwork/reports • Are able to give and write constructive feedback to the candidate on the results of the assessment • Can complete all requirements within 12 months • Have a basic understanding of the English language


The aim of this training programme is to impart the initial training to enable trainee competence assessors, now referred to as learners, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills which underpin the tasks to be performed as a Competence Assessor.

The objectives of this training are that learners will be able to:

(a) Understand the principals and corresponding roles and responsibilities involved in competence assessment

(b) Plan and carry out an assessment

(c) Monitor and verify assessment records

(d) Objectively review and assess different types of evidence

(e) Understand the importance of robust record keeping

(f) Deliver assessment feedback

The OPITO Competence Assessor Award delivered through Blended Learning requires the following:




The Blended Learning is delivered in Stages. Access to the e-learning modules are in My Training tab in the Training portal. Stage 1 & 2 are found in the OPITO Competence Assessor Award e-learning module 1. 

Stage 1 - Online registration 1 hour to complete

Stage 2- E-learning modules Self-study 5/6 hours recommended

Stage 3- Live instructor webinar and online test 1 full day (sessions run twice weekly)

Stage 4- Upon successful completion of the training, and with evidence that the skills and knowledge have been successfully applied in the workplace, the learner would be eligible to conduct workplace assessments, providing they themselves are technically competent in the discipline being assessed. Following this training, it will be the responsibility of the employing organisation to allow each assessor to gain further experience. 


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