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Course in Flange Work NS-EN 1591-4

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Target group:

- Mechanics - Industrial plumbers - Process technicians - Supervisors - Planners - Apprentices (work experience is an advantage, but not a requirement)


Hytorc provide fundamental courses in flange work.
An important aspect of our operation is rooted in courses and training in flange work and bolted connections. We have been involved in the development of courses since OLF started their Gasslekasjeprosjekt (Gas-leakage project) in 2003, up until the updated requirements per NS-EN 1591-4 as of today.


The industries requirements in regards to training has provided improvements in the form of decrease in amounts of leakages both offshore and onshore. The executive operator gains better understanding and enhanced competence which further results in a safer work environment.

The fundamental course in flange work spans over 4 days, covering both theoretical- and practical training. Examination on both the theoretical and practical work will be conducted. Upon successful completion of the exams, a course certificate will be awarded. This certificate is valid for 5 years. To extend the validation of the certificate, a one-day refresher course must be completed before the expiration date of the certificate (within 5 years).
The refresher course prolongs the validity of the certificate for another 5 years upon completion.

The primary goal of the course is to provide necessary and required training which enables the individual to conduct independent work on flanges and bolted connections.

The course offers the attendees fundamental knowledge, inter alia:

-          Flanges

-          Clamps

-          Bolts and lubrication

-          Gaskets

-          Work Procedures

-          Understanding and safe use of hydraulic tools, torque wrench and equipment

-          Associated documents

The course is set up on request.

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