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Packing, securing and transport as well as user inspection of load containers (NOG 116 recommended guidelines)

Course information

Target group:

Personnel working with load securing.


Objective: The purpose of the training is to provide personnel working with load securing with basic training in load securing and user control of load carriers.

The course satisfies the requirement for documented training in the Regulations on the performance of work best. no. 703, Norsok R-003N and NOG 116, and is carried out with theory and practice according to training plan O-2.6.

The course consists of 4 hours of theoretical e-learning and 16 hours of practical training in classrooms / practice rooms.

The practical training ends with a practical test to ensure that each participant has acquired sufficient knowledge of:

- Proper use of personal protective equipment
- User control of load carriers and assessment of whether it can be used
- Plan and carry out packing and securing of a given load
- Correct securing of the work area
- Choose the right load carrier
- Proper use of various load securing equipment

Content theory

- Introduction
- Unwanted events and non-conformance reporting
- Risk assessment
- Regulations, standards and NOG guidance
- Documentation
- Personal protective equipment
- Various load carriers, planning, user control and packaging
- Use and control of load securing equipment
- Theoretical exam

Practical exercises

- Use of personal protective equipment
- Implementation of user control
- Plan and carry out loading and securing of cargo
- Proper use of auxiliary tools
- Checklists
- Safety during work
- Use of barriers
- Practical exam

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