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Steel rope - inspection and maintenance

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Target group:

Personnel to use and control steel ropes.


Objective: The training is intended to provide personnel with good theoretical and practical basic training in the use and maintenance of steel ropes.

The course provides a thorough introduction to knowledge about steel ropes, the correct use / choice of steel ropes and what requirements are set for those who use and control steel ropes.

Regulations on the performance of work, use of work equipment and associated technical requirements (regulations on the performance of work) §10-1. Requirement for documented safety training for work equipment that requires special care during use 

When an employer after a risk assessment finds that the work equipment requires special care during use, only employees who have documented safety training according to §10-2 §10-2 can be used. Requirements for documented safety training when using work equipment

Anyone who is to use work equipment as mentioned in §10-1 and §10-3, must have practical and theoretical training that provides knowledge of construction, operation, use properties and area of use, as well as maintenance and control.


- Basic theory of steel ropes
- Construction
- Properties
- End parties
- Cast blocks / Wire discs
- The right choice of wire rope
- Proper use of wire ropes
- Proper winding and running in of steel ropes
- Maintenance of steel ropes
- Lubrication of steel ropes
- Damage to steel ropes
- Disposal rules
- Checking of wire ropes in accordance with standard ISO-4309
- Exam

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