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Offshore loading Phase 1 w/DP Cap

Course information

Target group:

Masters, Chief Officers and Junior Officers employed on offshore vessels as OOW/DPO.



This course aim to improve the participants knowledge, understanding and skills in the following overall learning objective(s):
• Obtain competence of forces involved, related to ship handling in general, and offshore loading in particular
• Obtain competence of planning and manual maneuvering in port, narrow waters and at offshore loading installations
• Obtain competence of the Equinor, Teekay and OGUK’s requirements for training of shuttle tanker personnel
• Improve skills in performing good Bridge Team Cooperation and communication
• Improve competence in use of all propulsion machinery, navigational equipment, steering systems and deck equipment involved


The course content aim to give the participants basic knowledge, understanding and skills of: • Ship handling
• Pivot point
• Propellers/rudders
• Thrusters
• Anchoring
• Waves/currents
• Tugs
• Squat/sink age/interaction
• ROT technique


The course is divided into modules and consists of totally nine theoretical lessons and eight selected simulator exercises. Participant learning progress is assessed by concurrent evaluation of it during both theory sessions and simulator exercises.


Certification of attendance will be issued on successful completion of the course.


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