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Effective Remote Working (3 Month Access Bundle)

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With COVID-19 meaning that home working is no longer an option but a necessity for many, what are the potential side effects on our health and work performance. Employers may need to provide additional training to ensure appropriate supervision and work behaviours. These include remote technology, communication skills development, time management and ergonomics.


Effective remote working requires greater self-control and discipline to avoid the boundaries between work and personal life becoming blurred. Research has shown that, in general, homeworkers tend to work longer than office workers and this increases with the use of technology. Homeworkers do benefit from greater working time autonomy, but how effectively this is applied depends on the discipline of the individual.


The ‘Effective Remote Working’ bundle includes 3 months access to 10 online courses and over 7 hours of eLearning.  


• Management of Change

• Lone Working (Employees)

• Smart Workplaces: Responsible Social Media for Team members

• Business Writing: E-Mail Techniques

• AEC Success: Effective Decision Making

• Webinars – Conducting a Web-based Presentation

• ABCs of Managing Time & Effort: The 80/20 Way

• Smart Time Management: 7 Steps to Regaining Control of Your Day

• 3-way Communication

• Smart Customer Service 3: Effective Verbal and Nonverbal Communication


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