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DPO Specialization Advanced Operations

Course information

Target group:

Officers working on DP equipped offshore vessels performing ROV operations, Cable laying, Pipe laying, Trenching, Dredging and Rock-dumping, seeking a DNV GL DPO Advanced Operations certification.



This course is specifically designed for training future DPO’s on board a large number of offshore vessels.

The course aim to provide the candidates with knowledge and skills as preparation for DNV DPO Advanced Operations exams and certification.

By the end of course the students shall have:

• Acquired a thorough knowledge of the various types of DP operations such as ROV operations, cable laying pipe laying, trenching, dredging and rock-dumping
• The capability to operate the DP in the various modes associated with such operations, i.e. joystick,  auto pos mode, autotrack mode and follow target mode
• Recognize when environmental conditions or system failure  requires DPO to take action to avoid hazardous situations
• The  ability to carry out such operations according to existing operational guidelines and checklists
• The ability  to demonstrate good personal attitudes towards safety in operating DP vessels according to best practice in the industry


Planning,  briefing and de-briefing of various field exercises according to the existing guidelines, regulations, and industry standards. Repetition of necessary DP theory to close any knowledge gap the students may have in these subjects.


All DP  exercises will be carried out on a full scale DNV GL Approved DP Class A simulator, using vessels that are equipped according to DP class 2 and 3. The participants will perform both surface and subsea  operations, utilizing the following DP modes: Joystick, Autoposition, Autotrack and Follow target functionalities.


• DNV GL, Standard for Certification no. 0023
• DNV GL, Standard for Certification no. 0008
• DNV GL, RP-0007
• NMA 201209765-4/813.4.
• GOMO, Guidelines for offshore marine operations, Supply and Rig Move Operations and other relevant guidelines such as IMCA M-117 and other IMCA guidelines

A level test will be conducted before commencing the course.


Certification of attendance will be issued upon successful completion of the course.


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