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GSK - Basic Safety and Emergency Course

Course information

Target group:

Offshore personnel.


The object of this course is to motivate participants to actively contribute to a better and safer working environment. The course emphasises preventative measures that can prevent harm to people, the environment and equipment.


Course Content

After completing the course the students should have acquired basic knowledge of and proficiency in:

- HSE culture

- Prevention of work accidents

- Use of relevant fire fighting and rescue equipment

- Lifesaving first aid

- Collective evacuation aids

- Correct use of rescue suits with breathing apparatus

- Helicopter evacuation (HUET)


The course aims to create positive attitudes to the term HSE culture and an understanding of the importance of the social and physical working environment to life, health and values, both at work and during leisure time.


The course is valid for 48 months.

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Course provider Week Enrolment deadline Start date End date Location Available seats Price
Sots 45 2016-11-04 2016-11-07 2016-11-11 Stavanger NOK 12500,-
Nosefo 47 2016-11-20 2016-11-21 2016-11-24 Tau NOK 15200,-
Sots 47 2016-11-18 2016-11-21 2016-11-25 Stavanger NOK 12500,-
Nosefo 48 2016-11-27 2016-11-28 2016-12-01 Bergen NOK 15200,-
Sots 49 2016-12-02 2016-12-05 2016-12-09 Stavanger NOK 12500,-
Sots 49 2016-12-02 2016-12-05 2016-12-09 Stavanger NOK 12500,-
Total hits: 6
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