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First Aid - Basic Course

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Target group:

The training is designed for personnel who are part of the general emergency first-aid system and comprises the following: Members of first-aid teams on permanent and floating installations. First aid personnel and MOB crews on standby vessels.


This course provides basic training on relevant first aid topics, with emphasis on practical skills training. After completing the course, participants should be able to provide lifesaving first aid and be able to assist the nurse in the examination and treatment of patients.


Course Content

The course provides thorough basic instructions in relevant first aid topics emphasising training in practical skills. 

- Emergency measures/organisation

- General first aid

- Examination of the patient

- Unconsciousness

- Bleeding and traumatic amputation

- Abdominal injuries

- Loss of circulation

- Head injuries

- Back and neck injuries

- Fire and caustic burns incl. electricity and radiation

- Fractures

- Measuring blood pressure

- Chest pains (heart disease)

- Breathing problems and cramps

- Lifelessness – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

- Assisting the nurse in administering an infusion

- Hypothermia

- Mental reactions and dealing with stress (as a result of

accidents or disasters)

- Accident site with several injured – Triage on scene.

- Chest injuries


The course is valid for 24 months.

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