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HSE for New Employees - English version

Course information

Target group:

Employees at all levels in the private and government sectors . People with limited knowledge of HSE. The course is suitable for in-house implementation.


Induction course in HSE is designed so that participants will have the first necessary expertise to ensure safety challenges in their daily work. This occurs in part through increased awareness of what is valuable and should be prioritized. The course also draws attention to the main framework governing the HSE The course is designed in order to create interest and motivation to work with HSE in the workplace.


Course contents

The course is divided into three topics:

-Care! - To take care of each other

-Terms and conditions - Laws, regulations and rules

-The challenging life - how to work without going wrong


Participants will

-Be motivated to work with safety in the workplace.

-Understand the relationship between a good safety work and preventing loss of important values such as life, health and nature in balance.

-Get an introduction to the main control elements of the HSE 

-Get advice on how they can work safely under time pressure and stress situations


Course provider: Proactima


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