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Confined Space Entry (US)

Course information

Target group:

All personnel involved with confined space entry work within the workplace.


Course Goal:

This course aims to provide learners of an awareness of US best practice in relation to confined space entry (CSE), hazardous atmospheres, and the necessary equipment, and permits required to work in confined spaces.

It will also examine the hazards and hazard control methods that are required to undertake work safely in a confined space and the actions that should be taken in an emergency.


Learning Objectives


LO1  Explain what is meant by a Confined Space

LO2  Give examples of Confined Spaces

LO3 Describe the dangers that can be caused by confined space entry work 

LO4 Identify OSHA requirements for permit-required entry operations

LO5 Explain how to avoid entering confined spaces

LO6 Explain the importance of having a Safe System of Work in place

LO7 Describe individual roles and responsibilities involved in Confined Space Entry work 

LO8 Explain the requirements for gas testing

LO9 Identify acceptable levels for atmospheric test results 

LO10  Give examples of Confined Space Entry site safety equipment

LO11  Explain the actions to take in an emergency 

LO12  Explain Confined Space Entry alarm procedures


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