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G5 Offshore Crane Operator Re-Training

Course information

Target group:

Offshore crane operators who need to verify their competence as crane operators, Offshore crane operators with certificate issued outside of Norway, and require a Norwegian certificate, Operational responsible personnel.


This course is designed to verify that crane operators have enough theoretical and practical knowledge in safe use of the offshore crane. This is to prevent unwanted incidents during offshore crane lifting operations.

The objective of the training is to provide a review of acquired expertise in theoretical and practical understanding to ensure operations / emergency operations with offshore so that incidents / accidents can be avoided.

Course content
- Discuss accidents related to lifting and handling operations
- Explain standard work procedures for crane operators in Norway
- Demonstrate appropriate use of simulator equipment
- Demonstrate correct lifting operations during variable conditions
- Demonstrate critical lifting operations skills
- Demonstrate correct use of offshore crane safety systems
- Demonstrate appropriate reaction to various crane incidents
- Demonstrate appropriate lifting of personnel


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