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Noise Awareness - Brazilian Portuguese version

Course information

Target group:

All personnel who could potentially be exposed to noise in the workplace on offshore installations.


This course aims to give personnel the knowledge required to understand the hazards and controls associated with noise in the workplace.


Course Content

LO1 Describe what noise-induced hearing loss is, and identify the early warning signs and symptoms to look out for

LO2 Explain the workings of the human ear, how noise exposure causes damage, and the effects of such damage

LO3 Explain the responsibilities and duties of employers and employees under current legislation

LO4 Explain how noise is measured and identify the noise levels above which employers should take action to reduce exposure

LO5 Explain the risk assessment requirements

LO6 Identify the control measures that should be taken to reduce exposure to noise

LO7 Explain the requirements for hearing protection; how to use the different methods of hearing protection and the importance of maintaining hearing protection

LO8 Explain the importance of healthsurveillance


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