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Clean water offshore - Norwegian

Course information

Target group:

Staff responsible for potable water offshore such as medic and engineer, as well as critical users such as chef and catering manager.


The course provides employees who are responsible for drinking water offshore, or tasks associated with this, increased knowledge and understanding to provide good, sufficient and safe drinking water to the staff on board.

Satisfy the requirements for competence in relation to the Norwegian Public Health Institute’s guidelines: “Nok, godt og sikkert drikkevann offshore.”

After the course you should:
- Know about and be able to orient yourself in the relevant regulations with emphasis on the public health department's supervisor “Nok, godt og sikkert drikkevann offshore"
- Understand the distinction between drinking water affect the installation's water system, and people's health
- Understand the purpose of the various laboratory analyzes used to monitor the quality of water
- Know which analyzes offshore employees are responsible for themselves, and what responsibilities they have in connection with the analyzes that must be sent to an accredited laboratory
- Be able to interpret results from laboratory analyzes and know what action offshore staff must implement when results are abnormal and/or critical
- Understand the structure of a drinking water system offshore, and where in the system offshore personnel has responsibility for operation and maintenance

Please note: this course is also available in an English-language version. 

The course is delivered by the accredited laboratory SINTEF NORLAB AS. 


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