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Course code: MTP-015
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 15 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 750,-

An introduction to ergonomics in the workplace, especially offshore related work. The course looks at correct working techniques, what makes a good working environment, what measures that helps, and who is responsible for maintaining good ergonomic conditions in the workplace.


Course Content

- Introduction 

- Correct working techniques 

- Environment 

- Measures that help 

- Responsibility and implementation

Course code: MTP-027
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 750,-

The employer holds the responsibility for creating a good work environment, but this also requires significant contribution by the employees.

The course “Office Ergonomics” provides common knowledge and skills regarding ergonomics to employer and employee. With a common understanding, systematic work on identifying and solving work environment issues can begin.


Course Content

- Introduction 

- General ergonomics 

- Office ergonomics

Course code: MUK-054
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Price: NOK 500,-

The course aims to increase learners’ awareness of the importance of safe manual handling operations and the risks involved with manual handling. The course also aims to outline best practice for the correct handling techniques for safe lifting, and for the pushing and pulling of loads.


Course Content

-Define the term ‘manual handling’ and explain the importance of safe manual handling operations

-Identify the types of injuries that may result from manual handling operations

-Recognise the requirement to regulate manual handling operations

-Describe the duties that are placed on employers and employees

-Explain the importance of risk assessing manual handling operations

-Identify the factors to consider when assessing manual handling operations and identify ways of reducing the risks of injury

-Describe good handling techniques for safe lifting

-Describe good handling techniques for pushing and pulling loads

-Explain the training requirements associated with manual handling operations