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  • HSSE
  • Substances hazardous to health

Course type

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Course code: MTP-004
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1350,-

The course is for all those who work with or may come in contact with chemicals, and is also intended for those who may be dealing with workplace environment issues, purchasing, or transportation. The E-learning course will give the target group fundamental knowledge of safe use of chemicals.


The course educates participants in the handling of chemicals so that chemicals are used responsibly and in accordance with requirements laid down by the relevant authorities in relation to this work.

Course Content

- Mapping
- Classification and labelling
- Safety datasheet and substances and chemicals registers
- Exposure
- Risk assessment
- Protective equipment
- First aid

Course code: MUK-033
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 20 minutes
Language: English
Price: NOK 500,-

This course aims to provide learners with an awareness of mercury and provide best practice for working with mercury in oil and gas producing facilities.


Course Content

- Define mercury, identify the forms that it can take and where it can be found

- Identify recommended mercury exposure limits

- Describe the hazards associated with mercury

- Describe the effects of mercury contamination

- Give examples of control measures that can be used to limit workplace exposure

Course code: SAR-001
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 15 minutes
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 600,-

The course is designed for people who already know how to declare on paper and who want to learn how it is done electronically.

Course code: MUK-022
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Price: NOK 500,-

This course aim to provide learners with an understanding of the dangers of asbestos, and how the risk involved in working with asbestos can be mitigated.


Course Content
-Explain what asbestos is
-Describe the hazards of asbestos
-Describe the various types, properties and uses of asbestos
-Identify areas where asbestos may still be found and describe how to identify its presence
-Identify the risk reduction methods when working with asbestos
- Describe the general procedures to deal with an emergency involving the uncontrolled released of asbestos dust