Course catalogue

Course code: PRO-009
Course type: Blended course
Duration: 10-15 hours e-learn ...
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 7900,-

Course meets AML § 6-5 on requirements for trainig safety delegates and AMU-members

This course provides a solid theoretical foundation within the HSE. But the focus is always how work safety, health and the environment are planned and carried out in practice.


After completing the module, participants will be better able to understand the safety significance of work for society, business and individuals. At the same time the motivation to work with HSE to be strengthened. This is done through learning and reflection on important topics such as:

- HSE concepts
- Key principles of management and HSE
- Measures and models for HSE


Course content
- Introduction to Safety Management - Regulation of health, safety and security
- Internal control and management philosophy - Duties and rights
- HSE management - vision, strategy and goals
- Culture - Behaviour
- Health and environment - Environmental
- Safety - The risk management process and risk analysis
- Preparedness - Monitoring of adverse events

Course code: PRO-013
Course type: Blended course
Duration: E-learning 4-6 hour ...
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 8000,-

Emergency regulations require the implementation of Risk And Vulnerability analysis (RAV-analysis) for the power supply. RAV-analysis is part of risk management in all businesses. In this course, we focus attention on how to carry out a particular type of RAV – namely a structured rough analysis, in practice. The course is linked to the Emergency Regulations requirements and is based on guidance and case histories in the RAV-analysis for the power supply (NVE & Proactima 2010). All examples used in this course are adapted to the power supply.


Course Content

• Introduction to risk management

• RAV-assessment into the risk management work

• How RAV-analysis can be used as a basis for decision

• Legislation impact on risk and vulnerability analysis in power supply

• What is meant by risk

• What is ment by vulnerability

• Rough analysis - theory and practical implementation

• How to get started with a RAV-analysis

• How to conduct risk assessments

• How to conduct vulnerability assessments

• How to present results

• Action and follow-up In the collection is RAV-analysis in a larger context, by focusing on the concepts of civil protection and risk management.


The collection contains speeches related to the themes covered in the e-learning course, and you will gain practical experience of participation in RAV-analyzes through case-work. Time to case work is limited, and if you want a more thorough knowledge of the role as process manager Proactima recommend that you participate in a two-day gathering. The second day has a greater focus on practical case work and the role of facilitator in a RAV-analysis.


Target group

Persons involved in RAV-analysis and risk management in power supply.


Learning methods

Initial e-learning courses and a final in-house classroom collection (one or two days). Please contact us for a customized business services.


Course code: PRO-020
Course type: Blended course
Duration: 8 hours e-learning ...
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 7000,-

Enterprice risk management is about working with what is important for the business, The right priorities in a time of great challenges and limited resources. The purpose of enterprice risk management is to ensure the right balance between developing and creating value and to avoid accidents, injuries and losses.

After completing the course, participants will have a better understanding of Risk management and how your business can implement this in their business.


 Topics that are addressed in this course:

 • Risk management - conceptual clarification
 • Why enterprice risk management
 • How to structure risk management in business
 • How to tie the overall goals and strategies with enterprise risk
 • How to implement the risk management process
 • How to establish management structures, roles and responsibilities
 • What support systems can support enterprise risk
 • How to develop a culture that supports enterprise risk
 • How to learn, evaluate and improve overall risk management


The course is based on "The supervisor in Enterprice risk management" developed by Proactima for Energy Norway. The course is conducted as "blended learning", and is divided into two main parts.

The theoretical part is carried out as individual e-learning. Part two of the course as a unity in which the central theoretical issues are discussed, and where participants work with case studies.



Managers at various levels within the organization who work with risk management.