Course catalogue

Course code: MTP-004
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1350,-

The course is for all those who work with or may come in contact with chemicals, and is also intended for those who may be dealing with workplace environment issues, purchasing, or transportation. The E-learning course will give the target group fundamental knowledge of safe use of chemicals.


The course educates participants in the handling of chemicals so that chemicals are used responsibly and in accordance with requirements laid down by the relevant authorities in relation to this work.

Course Content

- Mapping
- Classification and labelling
- Safety datasheet and substances and chemicals registers
- Exposure
- Risk assessment
- Protective equipment
- First aid

Course code: DOM-001
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 1 hour
Language: Norwegian and English
Price: NOK 950,-

This course relates to how best practice, your attitudes, behaviour and knowledge can prevent dropped objects and enhance the safety of you and your colleagues.
The content of this course is in compliance with the working together for safety handbook; Best practice - Dropped object Prevention.

Course Content
- Securing devices
- Securing of tools
- Securing of equipment
- Inspection, observation and follow-up checks

Contact DOM Group for more information:
Tel.: +47 51 81 40 00

Course code: MTP-015
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 15 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 750,-

An introduction to ergonomics in the workplace, especially offshore related work. The course looks at correct working techniques, what makes a good working environment, what measures that helps, and who is responsible for maintaining good ergonomic conditions in the workplace.


Course Content

- Introduction 

- Correct working techniques 

- Environment 

- Measures that help 

- Responsibility and implementation

Course code: MUK-027
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Price: GBP 40,-

Course Goal: This course aims to provide an awareness of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and provide best practice for managing NORM in oil and gas producing facilities.


Learning Objectives


LO1 Define what is meant by NORM

LO2 Explain what is meant by ‘radioactive material’ and the difference between alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays

LO3 Identify where NORM is found 

LO4 Describe the risks and hazards associated with NORM

LO5 Explain the purpose of radiation monitors 

LO6 Explain the importance of proper work planning

LO7 Identify control measures that can be used to minimise the risk posed by NORM

LO8 Describe the PPE that should be used when working with NORM

LO9 Explain how to limit decontamination and correctly dispose of NORM

Course code: MTP-033
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 1 hour
Language: Norwegian, English
Price: NOK 1150,-

The purpose of the course is to prevent noise-induced hearing impairment. You will learn how loud sound and noise affect us. 

You will also learn how you can properly protect yourself against noise and why that is so important.


Course Content

- Demonstrate what it is like to have a hearing impairment

- Show how hearing damage may occur

- Explain the permanence of noise-induced hearing impairment

- Explain the link between exposure time and noise levels

- Show why it is important to use hearing protection and, not least, to use it correctly.


The course is based on the current rules and regulations for working in areas where there is a risk of being exposed to noise that may be damaging to health.

Course code: NI-001
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 15 hours
Language: Norwegian / English
Price: NOK 3400,-

Obligatory working environment training for safety deputies and union officials, completed as e-learning combined with classroom training. 

The course provides basic working environment training in accordance with the main contract between The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).


Course Content


Interactive exercise sequences, video clips, and animations are used to illustrate the topics.

The course provides insight into why HSE work is important, using The Working Environment Act as a tool.

Knowledge of roles and responsibilities in relation to the working environment.

Using systematic methods for improving the working environment and for solving working environment issues.


Classroom Training

This internal company gathering can be conducted and organised by the company itself, or in collaboration with Mintra/The Federation of Norwegian Industries. If you would like Mintra/The Federation of Norwegian Industries to conduct the training, a minimum of 10 people must be enrolled.


If your company would prefer to conduct the training, relating content to internal routines and conditions, Mintra will contribute with documentation and information that describe activities related to this training. 

Contact us to find a suitable implementation model!

Course code: BG-AAK-007
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1000,-

The objective of this course is to give a better understanding of how to prevent falling objects. The course deals with using practical tools, aids and methods which simplify the work and assure its quality. Furthermore, the course discusses the importance of being aware of your surroundings. By being aware you can report and deal with non-conformities that can cause falling objects.


Course Content
- DO tools
- DO categories
- Observation techniques
- Barriers
- Correction of DO-related findings

Course code: MTP-002
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1050,-

To be able to manage waste properly, it is important that all employees know the laws and regulations that apply in this area.  Waste Management is our joint responsibility!

This course gives the target group fundamental knowledge of Waste Management.


Course content

- Introduction

- Laws and regulations
- Waste prevention
- Waste treatment
- Environmental management

Course code: MTP-016
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 4 hours
Language: English, Polish, Norwe ...
Price: NOK 1200,-

The e-learning course, “Fire Prevention during Hot Work”, has been quality controlled by the Norwegian Fire Prevention Association and designed is to satisfy the requirements set by the insurance industry.

The course aims to reduce the number of fires caused by hot work and improve knowledge about the risk of fire during hot work.

NB! Before we can inform the Norwegian Fire Prevention Association that you have completed the course, we must have confirmation that you have received fire extinguishing training during the last two years.

Participants who pass the exam will be issued a certificate from the Norwegian Fire Prevention Association. The certificate must be renewed every 5 years.

Course Contents

The course focuses on duties and responsibilities during hot work and is divided into the following topics: 

- Hot work
- Regulations
- Fire theory
- Extinguishing fires
- Dangers of hot work
- Risk identification and preventive measures
- Documentation of safety
- If a fire starts


Course code: APP-001
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 7 hours
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 4200,-

This course looks at electrical installations in explosive atmospheres. The object of the course is to enable those working in explosive atmospheres to perform their work properly and safely.

This course fulfils the requirements for personnel working in explosive atmospheres. Theory is taken from CENELEC and IEC norms.

Text, images, videos, animations and 3D simulations will help give you a better understanding of explosive atmospheres and their particular characteristics.

Course code: MTP-063-FT
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: Approx. 2 hours
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1150,-

The course meets the requirements set in § 7 of the "Safety Regulations for Work and Operation of Electrical Equipment and Installations- FSE", that relevant personnel shall be given annual training and instruction in FSE. The course also provides the necessary training and instruction in first aid, focusing on electrical injuries, with the exception of the mandatory practical training in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The regulations of various authorities make FSE applicable to all those working with electricity, whether on board ship, on platforms or on land. This course is suitable for all, regardless of which industry you work in. 

Throughout the course the focus is on attitudes and the individual's responsibility to follow the regulations. FSE training is about acquiring knowledge about the regulations, but it is equally important for the individual to understand why we have these regulations. It is crucial to succeed in getting the individual to understand the importance of working safely, so that the electrical safety develops in the right direction and that the number of accidents is reduced.

The authorities require that training in FSE and first aid in the event of electrical accidents is undertaken at least once a year. No more than 12 months shall elapse between training courses.

The fast track version of the FSE course starts with a pre-test which checks the participant's knowledge of FSE. Depending on the answers given, the participant will get a course that is tailored to the level of knowledge revealed in the pre-test. The fast track version of the course is suitable for all but is particularly practical for those undertaking refresher training in FSE. The version without fast track may be found in the course catalogue with the course name FSE High and Low Voltage and course code MTP-063.

Course code: MUK-031
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English
Price: NOK 500,-

This course aims to increase learners’ awareness of the potential for dropped objects, and to outline the
responsibilities of personnel and actions to be taken to prevent dropped object incidents occurring. This course is based on the Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) and industry best practice.


Course Content
-Define what is meant by a ‘dropped object’
-Identify the common causes of dropped objects and their consequences and explain the importance of
eliminating, or reducing the risk of, incidents occurring
-Identify the duties of employers and employees in eliminating dropped object incidents
-Identify areas with a high potential for injury to personnel should a dropped object incident occur
-Identify examples of bad practice
-Describe the measures that should be taken to control the risk of falling objects

Course code: MTP-038
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1100,-

Insufficient understanding of risk often leads to delayed projects, accidents and other unwanted incidents.
This course provides a basic understanding of what risk is, how it can be managed and how understanding risk helps us make better decisions.


Course Content
- What is risk?
- Managing risk
- That we each play a role in preventing things from going wrong
- That actions and decisions may influence the risk to ourselves and others far into the future
- That we perform risk assessments in order to make better decisions when we are unsure


Course code: MTP-055
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Norwegian and english
Price: NOK 500,-

The course covers the government requirements on theoretical training for personnel who may undertake simple operational and maintenance tasks on the electrical system.

The course focuses on preventing accidents and to be aware of the dangers of working with electricity. 

The theoretical part of First Aid and instructions are covered, but it is necessary to undertake practical training both in First Aid and the work tasks covered by the instructions in relation to the electrical installation where you are to work.

Course code: NI-010
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 5 hours
Language: Norwegian / English
Price: NOK 1800,-

The Working Environment Act, section 3-5, obligates employers and executives to complete HSE training. This course satisfies the requirements for HSE training for executives and managers.

The course contains the following modules: 

• A working life changing

• The Working Environment Act

• Risk Managament

• Healthy enough to work?

• Systematic HSE work


Course code: MTP-027
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 750,-

The employer holds the responsibility for creating a good work environment, but this also requires significant contribution by the employees.

The course “Office Ergonomics” provides common knowledge and skills regarding ergonomics to employer and employee. With a common understanding, systematic work on identifying and solving work environment issues can begin.


Course Content

- Introduction 

- General ergonomics 

- Office ergonomics

Course code: MTP-006
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 2 hours
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1350,-

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations are vital to every enterprise. Moreover, HSE requirements in the workplace are laid down in a whole range of laws, regulations and guidelines. The employer has the primary responsibility for providing a suitable, safe working environment – and for ensuring sufficient training. This “HSE Introduction” provides you with the basic knowledge you need to know to be able to deal with HSE challenges in your daily work.


Introduction to HSE - duration ca. 35 minutes.
Health - duration ca.  55 minutes.
Environment - duration ca. 15 minutes.
Safety - duration ca. 25 minutes.

The modules may be completed in any order. If you close the course window, it will reopen on the same page next time. After completing all the modules, you must pass the final test to have your course completion approved.

Course code: PRO-015
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 10-15 hours
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 4000,-

This course provides a solid theoretical foundation within the HSE. But the focus is always how work safety, health and the environment are planned and carried out in practice.


After completing the module, participants will be better able to understand the safety significance of work for society, business and individuals. At the same time the motivation to work with HSE to be strengthened. This is done through learning and reflection on important topics such as:

- HSE concepts

- Key principles of management and HSE

- Measures and models for HSE


Course content

- Introduction to Safety Management - Regulation of health, safety and security

- Internal control and management philosophy - Duties and rights

- HSE management - vision, strategy and goals

- Culture - Behaviour

- Health and environment - Environmental

- Safety - The risk management process and risk analysis

- Preparedness - Monitoring of adverse events

Course code: MUK-018
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Price: NOK 500,-

This course aims to provide all relevant personnel with the knowledge required to understand the hazards and controls associated with the use of abrasive wheels.

Course Content
-Explain what is meant by the term ‘Abrasive Wheel’
-Explain the legislative requirements for abrasive wheels
-Give examples of different types of abrasive wheels
-Explain how abrasive wheels operate
-Explain the importance of using guards during grinding operations
-Explain the requirements for portable and hand-held grinding machines
-Explain the main hazards of grinding operations
-Give examples of common problems faced when using abrasive wheels
-Explain what the PPE requirements are during grinding operations
-Identify the safety measures that must be in place during grinding operations

Course code: MUK-021
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Price: NOK 500,-

Course Goal: This course aims to provide all personnel with solid hazard identification awareness to enable them to evaluate hazards quickly and effectively so that they can carry out their duties as safely as possible.

Learning Objectives

LO1 Explain the purpose of Hazard Identification

LO2 Give examples of common, industry specific hazards

LO3 Demonstrate effective hazard identification

LO4 Identify the difference between occupational hazards and Major Accident Hazards

LO5 Describe the hazards posed by people

LO6 Explain the importance of reducing risks to ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Practicable)

LO7 Give examples of control measures and recognise how these systems are used to mitigate risk

LO8 Explain the purpose of a Risk Assessment and how it can be used to identify and mitigate potential hazards

LO9 Give examples of Major Accidents Hazards and recognise why they occurred

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