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FSE Offshore Low Voltage - Polish Version

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Section 7 of the “Safety Regulations for Work and Operation of Electrical Equipment and Installations” (FSE) sets requirements for yearly FSE training for relevant personnel. This e-learning course takes you through the requirements of the regulations and gives you training and instruction in FSE. The course focuses on safety for work on low voltage installations offshore.


The course also provides first-aid instruction and training. CPR training must be completed separately.


In accordance with section 7 of FSE, FSE and and first-aid training must be completed at least once a year. In order to meet the requirement for being able to provide first aid in the event of electrical accidents, you also need to complete yearly practical training in CPR (mouth-to-mouth and heart compressions).


This course addresses a variety of issues and covers how to prevent electrical accidents, routines in the event of accidents, and theoretical first aid, and aims to help prevent harm to people, equipment, and installations.


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