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Fall protection and rescue - NOG 116

Course information

Target group:

Personnel who are part of a fall protection / rescue team on board an installation.


Objective: The aim of the training is that those who are given training are given the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about fall protection and the correct use of rescue equipment, rescue of free-hanging persons, rescue of personnel over open sea, tank, stretcher transport, descent and treatment of personnel after fall accident.

The training is adapted for personnel who are part of fall protection / rescue teams on board an installation, but also for personnel who want a basic understanding of a rescue operation, evacuation equipment after a fall accident when using fall protection / rescue equipment.

The course runs over 3 days (24 hours)

Repetition 2 every year in accordance with NOG 113 and SFS.



- Introduction
- Regulations, guidelines
- Best practice
- Risk assessment
- Fall protection equipment
- Use of personal protective equipment
- Knowledge of different equipment and methods
- The equipment's limitations and possibilities
- Requirements for maintenance, storage and control
- Consequences of falls

Practical and theoretical review of rescue exercises

- Planning and risk assessment of rescue
- Basic first aid
- Rescue operation w / fresh air equipment
- Rescue of a hanging person
- Rescue from tanks / cramped spaces
- Rescue over open sea
- Descent / hoisting of person
- Stabilization of person
- Knowledge of hanging trauma

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