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Course type

  • Classroom course

Course provider

  • Maersk Training
Course code: MAE-006
Course type: Classroom course
Duration: 5 days
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: From NOK 18350,-

After completing this course, participants will have the knowledge required to pass the IWCF Certification test. The IWCF Certification in Norway is a government imposed certificate for leading well service personnel and must be renewed every two years.


Course Content

- Self-study before the course starts

- Teaching and assignments

- Practical exercises on simulator

- The course ends with IWCF certification test

- Main reasons for well bore kick

- Interpretation of welll bore signals indicating a kick

- Shut-in procedures

- Well control calculations

- Circulations methods

- Simulator exercises

Course code: MAE-009
Course type: Classroom course
Duration: 4 days
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 17180,-

This introductory course provides the drilling personnel with basic understanding of well control. Progressing junior staff get a solid background and knowledge of why well control is essential, how well control is maintained, what the indicators are that well control might be lost, and how to regain the control once it has been lost.

Understand the negative consequences associated with loss of well control
Understand the need for detection
Recognize the warning signs of abnormal pressure
Know the actions that should be taken when kick indicators are present
Be familiar with the functions of the bop equipment
Be able to select well control method to regain control
Be able to fill in a IWCF surface and/or subsea kill sheet
Be able to calculate kill mud weight, initial circulation pressure and final circulation pressure
Correctly obtain shut in pressures in the well
Understand the barrier concept
Know the impact pumping cement could have on well control
Obtain sufficient knowledge to pass a written IWCF test with minimum 70% score

Course code: MAE-001
Course type: Classroom course
Duration: 1 day
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 5425,-

Focus on various phases of a drilling operation.
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to describe the various phases of a drilling operation. They should be able to identify, state the position and give an account of how drilling equiopment is used on a platform.


Course Content

Data collection:

- Formation research

- Petroleum geology

- Drillhole logging


Platform types:

- Various platform types


Drilling technology with drilling equipment:

- Lift system

- Help equipment for drilling

- Drill column

- Bits

- Surge pipe and BOP

- Compensatory equipment

- Fishing and fishing equipment

- Directional drilling

- Drilling from a floating installation


General well control:

- Hydro static pressure

- Formation pressure

- Break-up pressure

- Grounds for kick

- Out-circulating of kick

- Methods for killing operation

- Concept of kick/blow-out

- Well-control equipment


Feed pipes and cementing:

- Types of feed pipes

- Putting in feed pipes

- Cementing

- Equipment/cement unit


Mud technology:

- Functions of mud

- Equipment

- Cleaning mud


The course can also be arranged internally and can be tailor-made for individual companies.