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Introduction to drilling technology

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Target group:

Personnel who require a basic knowledge of drilling technology and drilling equipment in their working capasity, yet who are not specialists. The course is of particular relevance for administrative and technical personnel in staff/support positions in operator-, drilling-, consultancy- and service-companies.


Focus on various phases of a drilling operation.
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to describe the various phases of a drilling operation. They should be able to identify, state the position and give an account of how drilling equiopment is used on a platform.


Course Content

Data collection:

- Formation research

- Petroleum geology

- Drillhole logging


Platform types:

- Various platform types


Drilling technology with drilling equipment:

- Lift system

- Help equipment for drilling

- Drill column

- Bits

- Surge pipe and BOP

- Compensatory equipment

- Fishing and fishing equipment

- Directional drilling

- Drilling from a floating installation


General well control:

- Hydro static pressure

- Formation pressure

- Break-up pressure

- Grounds for kick

- Out-circulating of kick

- Methods for killing operation

- Concept of kick/blow-out

- Well-control equipment


Feed pipes and cementing:

- Types of feed pipes

- Putting in feed pipes

- Cementing

- Equipment/cement unit


Mud technology:

- Functions of mud

- Equipment

- Cleaning mud


The course can also be arranged internally and can be tailor-made for individual companies.

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