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Oily Discharges to Sea

Course information

Target group:

All relevant personnel


Course Goal: To provide learners with an awareness of the potential environmental impacts associated with oily discharges to sea, as well as the legislation and control measures that are in place to minimise these impacts.


Learning Objectives

LO1 Identify the different types of oily discharges to sea and explain how to minimise them

LO2 Identify that produced water is the main source of oily discharges 

LO3 Explain the difference between planned operational discharges and accidental releases 

LO4 Explain what is meant by ‘produced water’ and describe how to minimise it

LO5 Identify the environmental impacts associated with oily discharges 

LO6 Describe the legislative controls that are in place to control oily discharges

LO7 Give examples of what you can do to minimise environmental damage from oily discharges



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