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Chemical Use and Discharge

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Target group:

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Course Goal: To provide learners with an awareness of the environmental impacts associated with the use and discharge of chemicals in the Oil and Gas Industry and the legislation and control measures that are in place to minimise the impact on the environment.

Target Audience: All relevant personnel


Learning Objectives


LO1 Explain the purpose of chemical use in the Oil and Gas Industry

LO2 Give examples of the types of chemicals used in the Oil and Gas Industry

LO3 Explain how chemicals can enter the environment 

LO4 Give an overview of the potential environmental impacts of chemical use and discharge

LO5 Identify the legislative requirements governing the use of chemicals 

LO6 Identify the type of chemical permit applications required for different operations

LO7 Identify the actions to take in the event of a chemical spill

LO8 Give examples of how to ensure compliance with legislative requirements

LO9 Explain good practice in relation to the storage of chemicals

LO10 Detail the different control measures that can be implemented to reduce potential environmental risk

LO11 Explain how to correctly dispose of chemicals after use


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