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Personlig verneutstyr

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Target group:

Kurset er rettet mot alt personell som jobber i olje og gass industrien.


This course aims to increase learners’ awareness of the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and outline the legal duties and responsibilities of employers and employees in relation to PPE.

-Define what is meant by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
-Identify the different types of PPE
-Identify the legal duties and obligations surrounding PPE
-Describe the Hierarchy of Control measures and the use of PPE in relation to this
-Explain the requirement for assessing the suitability and compatibility of PPE
-Explain the maintenance requirements for PPE
-Describe the duties and responsibilities of employees in relation to PPE
-Explain the importance of PPE-related training, information and instruction

Kurset er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.


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