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HSE Chemicals

Course information

Target group:



Who is this course for?

This HSE Chemicals training course is for personnel who require an introduction to or awareness of working with chemicals in the oil and gas industry.

Is previous experience required?

No previous experience is required to complete this course.

How will this course benefit me?

The course is for all those who work with or can come in contact with chemicals. The course is also intended for those who work on a general basis with workplace environment issues, purchasing, or transportation. The course will give the target group fundamental knowledge of safe use of chemicals.

How will this course benefit my company?

By ensuring you have fundamental knowledge of the safe use of chemicals.

What standards are referred to in this course?

  • The Working Environment Act
  • The Product Control Act
  • The Pollution Control Act
  • The Chemical Labelling Regulations
  • Regulations relating to Organisation, Management and Participation
  • The Internal Control Regulations
  • Performance of Work Regulations
  • The Product Control Regulations

Is there an assessment?



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