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Inclining Test and Lightweight Measurement

Course information

Target group:

Who the course is for: The course Inclining Test and Lightweight Measurement is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the principles of and the procedures for inclining test and lightweight measurements. This may include Ship Managers, Technical Superintendents, Ship Masters, Officers and Seafarers; Offshore Units Operators and Technical Staff, Shipyards Technical Staff; Surveyors; P&I and/or Insurance Inspectors; Etc.



This training course describes the inclining test and lightweight measurement procedures. Inclining test is a test performed on a ship to determine her stability, lightship weight and the coordinates of her centre of gravity. The test is applied to newly constructed ships greater than 24 metres in length, and to ships altered in ways that could affect stability.


On completion of the training, students will be able to: 

Get familiar with the stability of vessels at sea. 

Know the forces involved in the movement of ships. 

Know the types of inclination and equilibrium. 

Understand how and when to perform an inclining test or lightweight check. 

Know the precautions to be taken to perform or witness such tests


Intact stability 

o Introduction to stability and trim 

o Transverse intact stability 

o Characteristics of GM 

o Free surface effect 

o Trim and stability booklet 

Inclining experiment 

o Test description 

o The general condition of the ship 

o Inclining weights 

o Pendulums 

o Means of communication 

o Documentation 

o Inclining test procedures 

o Acceptance and exemptions 

Lightweight measurement 

o Test description 

o Lightweight measurement procedures 

Precautions to be taken to perform or witness these tests


On completion of the training program, the student will be awarded the following qualifications:

o Certificate of Inclining Test and Lightweight Measurement awarded by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore.

The Certificate of Inclining Test and Lightweight Measurement, issued by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore, is obtained after completing the course and passing the qualification examination. 


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