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Suture - Basic surgical skills in wounds and cuts

Course information

Target group:

Offshore nurse.


This course offers the foundation in theoretical and practical surgical skills and techniques for wound care and cuts that are relevant to the work place. The focus is orientation to the different types of suture materials, suture techniques, proper preparation, examination, evaluation and treatment of different types of wounds / cuts to be able to give the optimal patient care as well as the basis of skin anatomy, physiology and pathology.



After completing the course, participants will be able to assess wound infection, treating cuts with various suturing techniques and the use of surgical instruments and equipment, and placing local anesthesia. 


Content :

Anatomy, wound healing and infections
Examination and assessment of wounds and cuts
Assessment of tendon function after cuts
Choice of treatment of wounds and cuts
- Basic principles of wound care
- Local anesthesia
- Surgical knots
- Various suturing techniques
Surgical instruments used in suturing
Assessment of wounds and cut which can be treated onboard and who to sent to land
Removing sutures
Complications of suturing
Practical tips and advice


Instructor: Dr.: Mark Lewis Belandres Barbero M.D

Interested in this course please contact Total Safety AS as it's still avilable course by request.

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