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Electronic Communications

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"“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 

-George Bernard Shaw 


Thanks to technology, we now have numerous ways to communicate with one another. Organizations depend on social media, texting, and tweeting in addition to emails to present themselves to all the stakeholders. These rapid-fire methods of communicating have changed how we speak, how we receive information, and how we interpret the information we’ve received. Sometimes, these speed-of-light methods of connecting can affect our communication skills. Have you ever wondered if the receiver received your communication correctly or not? Do you evaluate the messages you send? This course will help you with tricks to communicate effectively using electronic media.


• Judge whether your message is essential and timely 

• Draft short messages 

• Use tools and white spaces for flawless messages 

• Convey the gist of the message in the subject line 

• Make decisions on when to not send emails and when to reply promptly


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