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Leading Effective Teams

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All teams need coaches. That’s how they get better. Your role as the leader of a high-performing team is to provide the training, resources, coaching, and support they need—as individuals and as a team—so that they can grow in their abilities, and perform as efficiently and dynamically as possible. Because of today’s constantly evolving business environment, every individual, regardless of position or experience, needs ongoing training and coaching. Knowing which tools, training opportunities, and coaching methods work for each individual is critical. Research by Accenture found that 31% of employees left their jobs because they don’t like their boss; another 31% cited lack of empowerment as their reason for leaving. This lesson will help you build robust coaching connections and a toolkit that will help you develop your team’s skills, coach them to personal and professional success, and build a culture of growth and continuous improvement.

• Define the training needs for your team  

• Provide coaching to your team   

• Create growth opportunities for your team


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