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Situational Conflict

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Conflict always creates uneasiness in the minds of employees and organizations. Conflict can involve sore emotions and impend relationships. Leaders experience the same emotional distress while handling a conflict situation. The most difficult situation a leader deals with is conflict management. It is observed that ill-managed conflict creates huge costs in the form of time expenditure, higher attrition, legal implications, etc. It also lowers productivity. When people are involved in conflict, they begin to recoil, stop sharing information, and take fewer risks. The result can be poor decision making. Low morale and strained working relationships can cause stress and drain employees’ energy to focus on being creative and productive. In this lesson, you will learn to deal with situational conflict.


• Identify the five stages of organizational conflict  

• Name the five styles of conflict management   

• Interpret when to use the different styles of conflict management


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