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Choosing A Leadership Theory

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Social scientists have studied and designed leadership theories for decades to understand and explain how great leaders are made. They have compiled lists of leadership traits and constructed frameworks and models to illustrate the leadership phenomenon. And while these theories are detailed, thoroughly researched, and insightful, none provide “the” singular leadership model that works for every high-level manager aspiring to lead their team effectively and successfully.


What they do provide is an abundant source of leadership data that can be used to create your own flexible brand of leadership. Leaders face a wide range of tasks, responsibilities, and challenges—both anticipated and unexpected—every day.


Assembling a toolkit of leadership options that can address them is something smart leaders do. Let’s study the specifics of some core leadership theories and how you might use them in different business scenarios.


• Identify the Traits and Contingency theories

• Describe the Behavioral theory

• Explain the Transformational Leadership theory



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