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Kurt Lewin’s 3 Stages of Change Model

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Kurt Lewin a German-American psychologist, defined himself and his contributions within three lenses of analysis: applied research, action research, and group communication were his major offerings. One of the Cornerstone models for understanding organizational change was developed by him and is referred to as ""Kurt Lewin's three-stages of Change.


This model breaks into three-stages: Unfreeze, Transition, and Refreeze. In the ""Unfreeze"" stage, an organization prepares for the change. In the ""Transition"" stage, the change takes place and in the ""Refreeze"" stage, the change becomes solidified as the new norm.


• Describe the need for change

• Identify the three stages of Kurt Lewin’s change model

• List the activities in the unfreezing stage

• Explain why communication is important in the transition stage

• Explain the importance of refreezing


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