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Confined space – Safe work in enclosed spaces

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The course is aimed at everyone who works in processes / areas where explosive atmospheres can occur, and especially for personnel who during preparation for and during maintenance work carry out continuous monitoring of flammable / hazardous gases and oxygen, with portable gas measuring instruments.


Objective: Through a combination of theory and practical training, this course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to work safely in enclosed spaces.

The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority has made major changes to the regulations. People who work in tanks and closed rooms are the biggest difference that the regulation "Work in tanks" has fallen away. This is replaced by section 29 of the regulations «execution of work», which states that all work in closed rooms shall be performed «without danger to life or health». A simple requirement that gives the employer a great deal of responsibility.

New SOLAS requirements: Exercises in closed rooms and rescue, as well as portable gas measuring equipment.

Applies to: All ships covered by SOLAS and all high-speed vessels, mobile offshore drilling units and dynamically positioned vessels

Our courses are in accordance with SOLAS-IMO requirements and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority - Execution of work

The definitions of a cramped space vary from country to country, but the usual criteria usually include:

- A room that is predominantly or completely closed
- Contains health and / or safety hazards
- Is not designed for continuous stay of employees
- Has entrances or exits that are small or difficult to access
- A room that is large enough that you can enter it completely and perform the work tasks you have been assigned
- Limited air circulation


- Review of public laws and regulations
- Know which constituents a safe breathing air contains
- How to make a gas measurement before entering
- Plan entry jobs and rescue operations in closed rooms
- Equipment knowledge
- Exercises in our training tank. We practice entry and use of fall protection equipment, rescue equipment, breathing air equipment and gas meter

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