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Scaffolding Safety (US)

Course information

Target group:

Personnel who use scaffolding during work tasks


Course Goal:

This course aims to provide learners with an overview of US best practice in relation to working safely with scaffolding.

Completion will allow learners to recognize the hazards associated with scaffolding and the type of scaffold being used at the work site and to understand the procedures required to control or minimize those hazards.

Target Audience: Personnel who use scaffolding during work tasks


Learning Objectives:


LO1 Describe safe practices for scaffolding operations

LO2 Identify different types of scaffolding and explain their uses, capacities, and safety considerations

LO3 Identify the hazards commonly associated with scaffolding operations and explain how these can be mitigated

LO4 Identify the PPE requirements for scaffolding operations, including the safe use of harnesses and fall protection 

LO5 Describe the specific precautions to take when working with scaffolding near power lines

LO6 Explain safe work practices that prevent falls and dropped objects from scaffolding

LO7 Explain what should be done in the event of an emergency 


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