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Fire Prevention during Hot Work

Course information

Target group:

Everyone who performs hot work outside permanent hot work areas.


The e-learning course, “Fire Prevention during Hot Work”, has been quality controlled by the Norwegian Fire Prevention Association and designed is to satisfy the requirements set by the insurance industry.

The course aims to reduce the number of fires caused by hot work and improve knowledge about the risk of fire during hot work.


Please Note! 

- Practical training must be completed within 3 months of (before or after) the eLearning

- Proof of practical is required to be sent to learningcentre@mintra.com

- Approved practical instructors list is available here https://www.brannvernforeningen.no/sertifisering/varme-arbeider/instruktorsok

- If these conditions are not met, Mintra cannot apply for your certificate

- You may be required to repeat the eLearning or practical again if conditions are not met in full

- Digital Certificates are issued from the Norwegian Fire Prevention Association (included in course fee)

- Plastic card certificates will incur an extra fee of NOK 450

- Further details on these notes are available in the attached document

Hot work documentation

You will be required to confirm your identity online before starting this course. In Trainingportal, we have implemented a fully automated process to make this a quick and painless experience.


Course Contents

The course focuses on duties and responsibilities during hot work and is divided into the following topics: 

- Hot work
- Regulations
- Fire theory
- Extinguishing fires
- Dangers of hot work
- Risk identification and preventive measures
- Documentation of safety
- If a fire starts



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