Oil and Gas
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Introduction to Environmental Compliance

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Target group:

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Course Goal: This course aims to highlight best practice in relation to environmental compliance and toidentify the environmental regulatory regime that oversees offshore installations and oil and gas operations within the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)


Target Audience: All personnel involved in UK oil and gas operations


Learning Objectives:

LO1 Identify the main environmental issues that affect the Oil and Gas Industry

LO2 Identify the environmental legislation that offshore Oil and Gas installations must comply with

LO3 Explain the role of the Regulator

LO4 Explain the role of the Offshore Environmental Inspectorate Team (OEIT)

LO5 Explain the role of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

LO6 Give an overview of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations

LO7 Give an overview of the Habitat and Conservation Regulations

LO8 Give an overview of ISO14001 and Environmental Management Systems

LO9 Identify the key areas for potential environmental impacts produced by offshore operations

LO10 Explain how atmospheric emissions are regulated

LO11 Explain how oily discharges are regulated

LO12 Explain how chemical discharges are regulated

LO13 Explain how spills are regulated

LO14 Describe the EU Offshore Safety Directive and how it has affected regulatory requirements for environmental compliance

LO15 Identify the ways in which the Oil and Gas Industry can improve environmental performance

LO16 Explain how waste is regulated

LO17 Give an overview of the waste hierarchy and describe how waste can be minimised

LO18 Identify who is responsible for environmental protection


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