Oil and Gas
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Gas Monitoring for Hot Work Sites (Non-Accredited)

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Target group:

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Course goal: This course aims to provide the knowledge and techniques for carrying out gas monitoring at hotwork sites

Target Audience: All personnel with responsibility for fire watching

Learning Objectives

LO1 Identify the role of an authorised gas tester
LO2 Identify the consequences of not carrying out the role correctly
LO3 Provide an overview of the responsibilities of an AGT Level 3
LO4 Explain the requirements for the use of PPE and RPE during hot work
LO5 Define the relative densities of different gases and identify where they are normally located
LO6 Describe the attributes of H2S and its effect on the human body
LO7 Describe the attributes of sulphur dioxide and its effect on the human body
LO8 Describe how flammable atmospheres are created
LO9 Define LEL, the explosive envelope and UEL
LO10 Illustrate the formation of gas plumes and the effects of turbulence
LO11 Explain the fire triangle
LO12 Explain the importance of removing fuel sources to prevent fire and explosions
LO13 Illustrate the effects of explosions and overpressure
LO14 Explain how pool and jet fires are created and describe their effects
LO15 Describe, and explain the general operation of, a generic four channel gas monitor
LO16 Describe the sentinel type gas monitor and identify where it should be located during hot work
LO17 Describe the standard checks to be carried out prior to use of a gas monitor
LO18 Describe the role of the fire watcher during hot work operations
LO19 Explain where the fire watcher and gas monitor should be located
LO20 Identify the actions to take in the event that an alarm is sounded
LO21 Explain why consideration should be given to the wind direction and the possible effect of hot metal and sparks on adjacent operational areas


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