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G11 Lifting Equipment module 1.1 and 2.3

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Target group:

Personnel that will work as crane operators, banksman / slingers and signalers.


Objective: The purpose of the training is to provide crane operators, banksman / signalers with good general basic training in the safe use of lifting equipment, so that accidents and incidents in connection with use are avoided.

The authorities set requirements for basic safety certification of persons who are to drive forklifts, mass transfer machines and cranes. The requirements include both theoretical and practical training. To complete the common theory, one must take and pass a theoretical exam.

The G11 Lifting equipment Module 2.3 course gives you who will work with lifting equipment knowledge about safety, daily control and maintenance as well as disposal rules for various lifting equipment. We want to give you a conscious attitude to the dangers that can arise and how to avoid them. Our G11 course is led by instructors with great competence and practical experience from the use of lifting equipment.

Module 1.1 Working environment, responsibilities and consequences are common to machine, forklift and crane. If you can document that you have module 1.1 from before that is not older than 3 years, you can start right on module 2.3.

Contents Module 1.1

- Laws and regulations
- Working environment, responsibilities and consequences
- Environmental
- Safety regulations
- Dangerous goods, marking and handling

Contents Module 2.3

- Laws and regulations
- Work equipment and accessories
- Construction and operation
- Lifting gear
- Control and inspection
- Cargo handling
- Work environment
- Dangerous cargo
- Final theoretical test

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