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G4 Overhead Crane module 2.7 and 3.7

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Target group:

Future G4 Overhead Crane Operators


Objective: To give the person who is to work with a traverse crane knowledge about safe use, daily control and maintenance as well as competence to avoid accidents and incidents.

The authorities set requirements for basic safety certification of persons who are to operate bridge and overhead cranes. The requirements include both theoretical and practical training

G4 Bridge and Traverse Crane Basic course consists of modules 2.7 and 3.7. To complete the course, you must take and pass a theoretical exam.

Proper use of overhead cranes is of great importance for the safety of crane operators and other personnel who participate in lifting operations. Incorrect assessments can have major consequences and lead to serious injuries to the crane driver, other personnel as well as equipment and surroundings. Positive attitudes towards safety are therefore important during training.

The crane driver training for G4 consists of five modules:

- Module 1.1 working environment, responsibilities and consequences. *
- Module 2.3 G11 Lifting gear (strap and sling).
- Module 2.7 G4 bridge and overhead crane
- Module 3.7 Basic practical training G4
- Module 4.7 Practical driving training G4
- Practical Final test G4

* Module 1.1 is common to machine, forklift and crane. If you can not document that you have module 1.1 from before that is not older than 3 years, this must be taken again.

Module 4.7 can be completed in a company using a sponsorship arrangement. If you do not have the opportunity to do so, you can participate in one of STQ's practice courses.


- Introduction with requirements for the driver
- Applications for overhead cranes
- Accidents with bridge and overhead cranes
- Construction of different types
- Electrical system on bridge and traverse cranes
- Safety switches
- Steel rope / block
- Certification / documentation
- Inspection and maintenance
- Main components
- Checkpoints
- Overload safety equipment
- Practical use of lifting equipment
- Driving technique

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